Friday, March 12, 2010

The Digital Doorway: A solution to Rural Communities.

The Digital Doorway is a very robust computer kiosk. It was developed so that it could be put in rural areas among communities and school areas so that the communities can just use it to equip themselves with ICT skills and retrieve local content relevant to their needs. It is also good for school children to teach themselves how to use the computer.
The Digital Doorway is a hardy, weatherproof internet kiosk with three computer terminals, vandal-proof keyboards, reinforced screens, speakers, and webcams within a rugged steel enclosure. Deployable in cities and remote areas through satellite internet, the Digital Doorway provides internet access to children and communities that are otherwise unreachable by computer labs or internet cafes. In the absence of internet connectivity, the Digital Doorway offers interactive educational software, reference materials, game and tutorials.
Digital door way, a company in South Africa is working with UNICEF to reach out to a number of schools and communities in Uganda by deploying the digital door way in rural area. According to Jeff Benson a consultant with UNICEF in Uganda, Over 100 of these Digital Doorways are to be deployed in rural areas in Uganda said. The Digital doorways operate on purely Open source (BUNTU operating system).
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